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Funeral procession consisting of two afghans that became seven asylants paid by local government, sanctioned by UDI

Monday 17 September the afghan asylum seekers Reza Alizada (17) and Nasratullah Hashimi (19) were murdered in downtown Trondheim. On Monday last week, Reza Alizada was buried at Havstein cemetery in Trondheim.

According to Document.no, the Municipality of Trondheim brought Reza’s mother, father and four siblings from asylum in Turkey to Trondheim to attend the funeral. The invitation initiated with Camilla Trud Nereid, director of adolescence and education in the Municipality of Trondheim. Traveling to and staying in Trondheim for two of those were paid for by the Municipality.

On Wednesday it became known that the family, now counting seven persons, apply for asylum in Norway. The reason for this is proposedly that Turkey confiscated documents from the family and made it clear that they will not be admitted back into Turkey. The family is escorted by the police to Oslo to undergo the UDI’s procedures for asylum in Norway. They are now seven persons, as Reza Alizada’s brother, Quasem Alizada, who studied in Germany, drove to Trondheim when he got the news about his brother’s ill fate.


Last Thursday, Resett talked with solicitor Erik Widerøe, appointed by the District Court in Trondheim as counsel for the aggrieved to Quasem Alizada. He confirms by phone that he now represents the entire family. We also asked whether or not it was made clear to the family prior to their leaving Turkey that they would not be allowed to return there. Widerøe debilitated that such was the case.

Resett also has phoned Camilla Trud Nereid in the Municipality of Trondheim. We asked her,

– Did not the Municipality of Trondheim recognise that Reza Alizada’s family that was invited here, would possibly settle in Norway?


– The Municipality of Trondheim wanted to invite two persons only and pay the trip and stay for them, due to the tragic event, Nereid answers.

More arrived, however. How is that?

– The others that came were financed by raised money and UDI provided for visa and admittance for them.

– So then, the Municipality of Trondheim has had nothing to do with these extra family members?

– No, Municipality of Trondheim has focused on making it clear to UDI that it was their responsibility, Nereid concludes.

Resett also tries to obtain a comment from UDI on the issue.


English translation: Lars Hoem for Resett

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