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A Porsgrunn based book store does not want to sell Sylvi Listhaug’s book «Der andre tier» («Where others remain silent»).

Osebro Antikvariat is a store selling used books. They encourage customers to get in touch if they are looking for books that can’t be found in the store.

– If there are books that you do not find, please contact us by using the contact form/mail or phone, it says on their homepage.

However, one book is not bid welcome; the one written by Sylvi Listhaug. The book store has pushed the limits and exposed a photo showing a picture of Listhaug’s new book at the main entrance, accompanied by the text, «This book will never be sold here!»


This is what book lovers get to see when entering Osebro Antikvariat.

The picture of the poster is now all over social media, and there are several who label the poster bullying of the former Minister of Justice.

– What does the community say about bullying? It’s criminal and extremely harmful. Adults and children alike are enforced by the same law; therefore I prosecute the store to the department addressing such harassment. Osebro Antikvariat will swallow this in the media also, one writes.


– This is the leftish definition of freedom of speech. Now I have also decided to buy Sylvi Listhaug’s book, another one writes.

English translation by Lars Hoem

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