Hilde Frafjord Johnson, Photo: Sandro Campardom, AP

KrFs «prodigal daughter» and present Secretary General of the party, Hilde Frafjord Johnson, has come forward as advocate for choosing the «socialist track» in the struggle for the fate of the party on 2 November.

When she as the new Secretary General in 2016 conducted the principal speech at KrF’s national conference, she bluntly announced her disdain for FrP. In her speech, which by those present was regarded as surprisingly political for a «principal speech», she knocked down her own party for having «inaugurated FrP in the governmental offices». Already at that time, she was regarded as the next right hand of Knut Arild Hareide.

Johnson, a former disciple of Kjell Magne Bondevik, certainly knows how to stand out. While being Secretary General of KrF, she sells herself at the Athenas company, a company that promotes speakers, in ways such as,


«Hilde Frafjord Johnson focuses on leadership, first and foremost in an international and multicultural setting.»

Obviously, Frafjord Johnson is concerned about what is going on abroad and that which she labels «multicultural relations». As her mentor, Kjell Magne Bondevik and his Oslo Centre, she has profited from the fact that Norwegian taxpayers have financed projects that she has been working on abroad.

Her position as responsible for all UN-projects in Southern Sudan was not obtained for free; each year, Norway contributes about 600 million Nkr to this corrupt country, a fact that Resett has mentioned earlier.

Few, if any, regard the work of the Secretary General of KrF performed as The UN’s special delegate to Southern Sudan as successful. The country still faces great difficulties and is foremost in the news from Africa on a daily basis. Frafjord Johnson was squeezed out due to local discontent with her work. It is also no coincident that her former boss entered Southern Sudan while she led the UN’s work in the country; yet another costly enterprise for Norwegian taxpayers.


Frafjord Johnson’s vivid reflections on FrP, wishing an entirely different regime in international aid, add to the negative feelings so obviously expressed by Bondevik since the days of Carl I. Hagen. Her present eagerness to inaugurate Ap in the governmental offices is exposed in the Norwegian newspaper «Verdens Gang». Here, she shows an improper interference in the electoral process towards delegates at Buskerud KrF’s recently conducted local meeting.

The whole ongoing process in KrF stinks. Most people understand that there are people sitting behind Hareide pulling the strings. It is difficult not to think that the political poker player Bondevik has shuffled the cards, ready to place some wildcards on the governmental table of Støre & Co. We can just imagine what will first be forced through.

In an article published earlier this autumn, Resett wrote about the financial problems that riddles the Oslo Centre. At the time, we addressed Einar Steensnæs at the Oslo Centre,

– Does the Oslo Centre expect that a new government will consider fresh applications from the Oslo Centre any differently from what the present government has done?

– This is certainly a speculative and insinuating question! Such a connection we have never imagined. By the way, applications for projects are considered on a formal level at the Foreign Office, Steensnæs answered Resett at the time.


Kjell Magne Bondevik, Hilde Frafjord Johnson and Einar Steensnæs stands ever more forward as the prime movers behind Knut Arild Hareide in this coup of KrF. They argue that it concerns values; however, these are just as well pompous, selfish people who regard themselves as entitled to spend millions of Norwegian tax money for their own «good» causes, as well as high wages for themselves, expensive travels, and, not least of all, the power they obtain controlling large amounts of international aid. The white man enters Africa on a red carpet and is generous.

It is time to remove the nimbus surrounding the heads of these elite KrF people. At best, they are pompous; at worst, they are corrupt. And now they unscrupulously destroy KrF in the process of carrying on their own power and their own projects. They count on the support of Støre.

The grasroot of KrF has to grasp its present opportunity and act now. Hareide has become a puppet. They need to appoint a new leader for themselves, and Kjell Ingolf Ropstad is the one they ought to push for.

English translation: Lars Hoem

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