Sveriges statsminister Stefan Löfven. Foto: AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN

Prior to the election in Sweden this year, 18 Swedish fifth grade students in Östersund sent a letter to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, advising him on politics. One of the pupils’ admonitions, a recurring one, is that criminal immigrants must be deported from Sweden. This is reported by NyheterIdag.

The pupils were taught about democracy and the elections in school and were instructed to write a letter to the Swedish Prime Minister. In their letters, they told Löfven which political decisions they would have made if they had the power to do so. Most pupils agreed on certain viewpoints, such as more severe punishment for serious crimes, put an end to bullying, and lowered taxes.

Regarding immigration, the message from the pupils is extremely clear. Criminal immigrants are not wanted din Sweden, according to them.


– We want any newcomer who arrives to commit crime, to be returned to their homeland, one letter reads.

– All refugees breaking the law, is to be returned to their own country, another one writes.

The students are also concerned about lowering the high Swedish tax load, and that all those who live on the outskirts of society can get themselves a job and earn a living for themselves.


– Lower the taxes, so that one may drive a Volvo. No Toyota or free ice cream for the children, one advice states.

Yet another writes:

– Get more people to work and make money.

English translation by Lars Hoem

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