Whether «the prophet» Mohammad was a paedophile or not, is out of the question. Every Moslem source, Islamic history, and even verses in the Quran, tell about «the prophet» Mohammad and his wives.

«The prophet» Mohammad was married to Khadija for 28 years, and they had four daughters. Khadija was a powerful and wealthy widow, fifteen years older than Mohammad. She chose Mohammad and married him.

Mohammad faithfully lived through his 28-year-long marriage to Khadija; she was wealthy and had a large family clan that Mohammad wanted to lean on to realise his dream. After Khadija died, however, «the prophet» Mohammad marries again, aged 54. He marries two persons at the same time; the seven-year-old Aisha (daughter of Abu Bakrs), and a widow named Sauda.


As Aisha is only seven years old, her mother opposes the marriage and Mohammad has to wait for another two years. However, Mohammad needs the widow, Sauda, to care for Mohammad’s daughters and the household. «The prophet» Mohammad got engaged to Aisha when she was seven years old, and the marriage with her was consummated two years later. Aisha was only sixteen years old when «the prophet» Mohammad died, being almost forty years younger than «the prophet».

According to various historical Islamic sources have described that Aisha placed her head on Mohammad’s stomach and played with his genitals. Aisha the child believed that is was a toy. The well -known Islamic historians, Al-Tabari (839-923) and the Iranian rationalist Ali Dashti (23 Years: A Study of Prophetic Career of Mohammad), as well as by Halvor Tjønn (Muhammed slik samtiden så ham – «Mohammad as regarded by his contemporaries»). Several other history books by Moslem writers agree on this.

Here is a man with four young daughters at home and 54 years old when he gets engaged to a seven-year-old girl. The marriage with her is consummated when Aisha is nine years old. What are we supposed to label such an act? What word my we use without offending Moslems? Was this «business as usual» at the time? Contemporary history books and Quran verses shows the contrary. At that time, the age limit was set at sixteen, as mentioned in the Avesta, a collection of holy scriptures to the Persian Zoroastrianism.


This means that Mohammad was a paedophile. Why, then, should we be prohibited to state the plain truth? Should Moslems be allowed by Law to bury their heads in the sand in order to deny truth? It reminds me of the fact that Galileo had to deny that the Earth rotates the sun, as this was unacceptable to The Catholic Church. Now, everybody knows that the Earth moves in orbit around the sun and that Mohammad was a paedophile. This is, however, unacceptable to our new centres of religious power, the mosques.

«The prophet» Mohammad was a paedophile. «The prophet» Mohammad was a paedophile. «The prophet» Mohammad was a paedophile. «The prophet» Mohammad was a paedophile. «The prophet» Mohammad was a paedophile. «The prophet» Mohammad was a paedophile.

I may repeat it a hundred times more; perhaps then Moslems are done with being offended. Moslems have to understand that they are not robots. And neither was their «prophet». All Moslems are not supposed to be a copy of the first robot, either, repeating all the errors. Moslems are equipped with a brain; the just need to use it to grasp the fact that Mohammad was a human being, and as such fallible. Moslems are not obliged to copy the human being, Mohammad’s, errors. Moslems have become like robots with no will of their own, programmed by a book written 1.400 years ago, after Mohammad died.

«The prophet» Mohammad and his followers have offended the very humankind, the individual, especially women. You have offended me as a woman, by beating me, by stoning me, by giving me in child marriage, by selling me as a sexual slave, by raping me. It is high time for you to hear the truth, Mohammad as a paedophile, and the Earth circles the sun.

As Galileo said, Eppur si muove.

Regardless of what the Catholic priests said, the Earth moves. Regardless of what the imams and The European Human Rights Court says, Mohammad was a paedophile.


Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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