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Italy’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Matteo Salvini, plans drastic reductions of social support for migrants. By almost halving the support, Salvini thinks that Italy may save nearly 400 million Euro next year.

The National Conservative Italian government continues to oppose mass immigration, which it regards as the country’s biggest problem. The latest proposition from the Minister of Internal Affairs is to nearly halve the daily support for migrants, from 35 to 14 Euro a day. This is reported by the Italian newspaper Il Giornale.

Such a drastic reduction of the support will imply that Italy places itself on one of the lowest levels of social support for foreigners. Salvini underpins that this will free large resources to the nation. During 2019, he anticipates that the state may save 400 million Euro. The year after that, he anticipates a saving of as much as 500 million Euro, and in 2021 this figure will once again increase to 600 million Euro, according to the Minister.


The new regime of support is part of a set of fresh migration laws presented by Salvini earlier this autumn. With the new laws, the possibility of achieving residence permit on humanitarian foundation will cease.

Italy has, since Salvini became Minister of Internal Affairs, more thoroughly controlled their harbours and the number of illegal migrants arriving in the country is markedly reduced. Beyond this, Salvini plans to earmark 12 million Euro to finance repatriation of at least 2.700 illegal migrants.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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