People are getting tired of the French President, Emmanuel Macron. Photo, REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

«The yellow vests» have for several days arranged protests and caused problems to important infra structures, allegedly motivated by a relatively modest increase of fuel taxes.

Those who have followed the recent social development in France certainly know that this is fare more deep-rooted and does not concern a minor increase in fuel costs. The French population has been neglected by their gvernmetn for several years. The government seems to only have eyes for globalism, and the processes are probably ran by the self-interests of certain politicians, namely those envisage well paid international positions in a globalistic EU.

Marine Le Pen got 34,9 per cent of the votes in the second ballot for President in 2017. Based solley on this, the support for the present President, Macron, is probably marginal. We must also bear in mind that in the first ballot, Macron got only 24,01 per cent support by 77,77 per cent of those qualified of voting. Consequently, it seems that 18,67 per cent of the voters support Macron.


In the wake of the Bataclan attack and related terror actions that same night in 2015, killing a total of 130 persons, thers has been a state of emergency in France. As of now, it has lasted for over three years, resulting in the presence of military orces in the streets of Paris, heavily armed at all times.

The mayor of Paris, Hidalgo says tonight, «Our country is fcing a great crisis». I think she is right; the French have had enough.

Watch video of sharpshooters on the rooftops of Paris:


LarryGiletJaune @LarryLeChanceux

Des snipers sur les #ChampsElysees #GiletsJaunes #1erDecembre #ArcDeTriomphe #Macron #MacronDemission #YellowVests


8:12 PM – Dec 1, 2018

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