Oslo, 7 June, 2018. As announced during the autumn launching of Discovery Networks, TV Norge and Dplay, Hallvard Flatland and Birgitte Seyffarth are back with Casino in TV Norge. The launching takes place in Nydalen in Oslo on Thursday. Photo, Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Having rewarded the new book written by extreme left-wing politician Eivind Trædal with a throw of the dice of 5, Dagbladet strikes with another review; this time giving a throw of the dice of 2 to the TV Norge program Casino, because it lacks «the attitudes of 2018».

The reviewer, Marie Kleve, cannot keep her temper after having witnessed the beautiful Birgitte Seyffarth and Halvard Flatland revitalise the Casino success of the 80s.

Kleve writes that she feels provoked, underpinning the fact that Birgitte is blonde, mute, and that she wears a tight dress.


– She is still not allowed to do much else than to smile in her tight dress, she writes, and adds,

– It is December and in December, we enjoy watching old stuff anew, even if it does not always fit our attitudes of 2018 very well. In view of that, «Casino» should provide us with the perfect Christmas spirit; homage to materialism and old gender roles, well summarised by Hallvard Flatland remarking how much the wife of the first caller probably wanted the dishwasher.

Summarised in short, Dagbladet thinks that the program is totally boring; having a mute Norwegian blonde and paying homage to materialism and old gender roles.


Maybe the throw of dice had escalated if Hallvard Flatland had been replaced by a Norwegian Pakistani and his hijab dressed wife. Just relax, Marie; surely it comes over time.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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