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Every time one thinks the offence hysteria has broken all possible barriers, something new appears. This time, vegans show off their easily hurt feelings.

According to the Independent, it is all about sayings. One can no longer use sayings like «placing all the eggs in the same basket» without risking to offend a vegan. Not to mention the British saying «bringing home the bacon».

Shareena Hamzah of Swansea University thinks that we must all respect that ever more people choose to live as vegans; consequently, words and sayings containing the word «meat» should be regarded as old-fashioned and inconsistent with the present «spirit of the age»,


– In the present reality, meat is often in the focus of heated social and political debates, including the way in which demand for meat contributes to climatic changes and other negative effects on the environment, Hamzah writes in The Conversation.

Hamzah points to the violent aspect of sayings «flogging a dead horse», or «killing two birds with one rock» and proposes that we change our vocabulary into more pleasant alternatives, like «provide food for a full horse», or «feeding two birds with a scone».

PETA, an organisation fighting for the rights of animals, for years has fought for words and phrases taking care of the feelings of vegans and vegetarians. They have encouraged teachers to use a language that does not cement violence towards animals.


In Norway, we recently heard that the text of songs like Bæ bæ lille lam teaches children to exploit animals and therefore should be altered.

If you think such things are too stupid or if you are a vegan feeling like being provoked you can watch a funny video below, in which The Pub Landlord, Al Murray, proves the existence of God by means of … bacon.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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