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Sylvi Listhaug, the vice-chairman with Fremskrittspartiet, addresses the Norwegian political party Demokratene (the Democrats) as she thinks they are distributing lies about her stands about the United Nations’ the United Nations’ Global Compact for Migration on Facebook. She explicitly states that she is pleading Norway’s case.

Being critical to immigration, the political party Demokratene has asserted that Sylvi Listhaug is in reality advocating the GCM. On the homepage of Demokratene, it is said that Listhaug «took part in cheering on the United Nations’ treaty».

– The fact is that the Norwegian Government, led by Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the then Minister of Immigration, Sylvi Listhaug, actively participated in the process leading to the final document. This is clear from a report on the meetings in the United Nations’ General Assembly two years ago, Demokratene write on Facebook.


This is rejected by the politician with Fremskrittspartiet as lies. She explicitly writes that she was in the United Nations two years ago to plead Norway’s case.

Demokratene is distributing lies on Facebook to tarnish me. That I will not tolerate. I, as well as Fremskrittspartiet, oppose the United Nations’ Migration treaty; that is precisely why we dissent and as the sole party state a clear no. When at the United Nations two years ago, I was there to plead Norway’s case. We took part in several meetings to secure more returns and in the wake of those meetings, we succeeded in returning several hyper criminal Moroccans ravaging the streets of Oslo, Listhaug tells Resett.

Hun reminds us that the work on the Migration treaty had not come far when she was at the United Nations two years ago; consequently, there was not very much for her to decide on.


– At the time, negotiations and discussions on international treaties like this one was the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it still is. Two years ago, the work on the Migration treaty had not come far; consequently, there was not very much for me to decide on, Listhaug concludes.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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