Erna Solberg gets criticised. Photo, NTB scanpix.

Strong reactions against Prime Minister Erna Solberg have appeared on her Facebook page after she announced that she would sign the much-discussed Migration treaty.

The content of the United Nations’ Migration platform Global Compact for Migration has been negotiated for a tear and a half and is to be concluded and signed during a United Nations conference in Moroccan Marrakech on 10 and 11 December.

Fronted by Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Norway has accepted the treaty.


– We are in need of common starting point for treatment of the refugees in the world. For that reason, Norway has agreed to join the United Nations’ Migration platform, she wrote in a contribution.

The treaty has led to massive criticism against the present Government.


– I see that many writing comments on this page now have questions and viewpoints regarding the United Nations’ global Migration platform. Just recently, I wrote a blog post in which I explained what the platform is all about, what the Government has focused on getting into it, and the reason why we now endorse it, Solberg wrote on her Facebook page after having been bombarded with criticism.

In the contribution field, however, no mercy is shown; she is slated by people writing that they do not want to hear her apologies for why Norway should join this treaty.

– Good heavens, Erna! How naive you are if you really believe this platform will secure a strict but just immigration! I am speechless because of your lack of insight and superficial formulations on a platform encompassing far more than what you are now sharing on your blog, one writes and another ones adds that Erna does not give a damn for the Norwegian people.

Several in the contribution field demand a popular vote, while quite some voters of Høyre also write that if the Migration treaty is implemented, they have voted for the very last time for the party.

– Dear Erna. Sad to say, but Høyre probably has gotten my vote for the last time if this treaty is signed, a woman writes.

– Høyre no longer is an alternative! You are not appointed Prime Minister to the Global World Order, Erna, but to the Norwegian people! One issue after the other is fronted by you as, «we do not lose anything». Now you really have to put on the right spectacles, wake up, and realise the facts, another one rages.


A few more reactions are cited below.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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