STOCKHOLM 9 September, 2018. Carl Bildt in the lection vigil of Moderaterna in the Scandic Continental hotel in Vasagatan, Stockholm. Photo, Hanna Franzén / TT

The former Swedish Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, delivers a unambiguous admission, The Migration treaty of the United Nations is binding to the states signing it.

«Obviously, we are interested in a global framework for co-operation on migration; it is not legally binding, but politically binding,» he writes in a message on the Twitter page of the Swedish Internet page

Carl Bildt led the Swedish political party Moderaterna in the years 1986–1999, was Swedish Prime Minister 1991–1994, and Minister of Foreign Affairs 2006–2014. Since then, he has been a central politician with the United Nations.


The essential argument of those wanting to sign the framework is the fact that the document is non-committal; however, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, admits that this is erroneous. The document is binding, although not legally so.

Carl Bildt is regarded an influential person in global politics, and is part of elitist, private organisations like the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission, according to the Swedish Internet page.

Another former Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, presently vice-chairman of the United Nations, Jan Eliasson, in another blog is grateful to Bildt for his support, and attacks critics of the treaty, accusing them of being extremely cynical.


Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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