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The curriculum of the Norwegian elementary and complementary schools will undergo a «make-over». In the draft, neither the Holocaust nor the Second World War are mentioned. Knowing that anti-Semitism is growing in Norway and Europe.

– The Second World War and the Holocaust must have a natural place in the curriculum. It is completely unthinkable to present a curriculum in 2018, omitting the gravest civilizable collapse of our time, Ervin Kohn, the elder of the Mosaic religious society and deputy chairman of communication at the Antirasistisk Senter (the Center of Anti-racism in Norway), tells the Norwegian newspaper, Klassekampen.

Associate professor in social science at the Universitetet in Agder, Irene Trysnes, supports Kohn. Together with her colleagues, she has written an answer to a hearing, in which she claims that the parts concerning history and geography in social studies are on the verge of disappearing.


Regarding quality, the Sami perspectives and technologi is given extreme volume, which is of course important; however, one must also be specific about other important historical events bearing influence on the time in which we live, Trysnes states.

The curriculum of the Norwegian school is being renewed, and the thought is that several themes in the teaching plan will be removed to provide students with the time needed to dig deeper in the various school subjects. The idea is to make the curriculums «relevant for the future».

During an interview in TV2, Ervin Kohn said that the teachers shrink from addressing the Holocaust on their own initiative, for fear of reactions from Moslem students.


This is completely horrible! The Holocaust must certainly be placed back in the curriculum; if not, this is another shameless prostration to Islam and another injustice to the Jews.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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