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It is almost ridiculous to watch the radical leftists with the Black Box Teater acting in the media; they are whining because people react strongly to their own witch hunting of people who are already exposed. They react to the fact that several people have strong feelings about their lies concerning racist networks and cannot grasp that they have crossed the red line.

Black Box Teater’s show is part of leftist propaganda machinery, completely based on a conspiracy theory in which lies and semi truths are mixed together freely. This is not art; it is a drilling in political, radical rhetoric.

We know perfectly well the wish of these people and that it will lead to our home being destroyed, and a dismantling of our national state. Extreme social upheavals that in the long run undermines the ground for the entire Norwegian model. They label our opposition racism and our criticism of religion, for which they should be the very foremost advocates, they label a phobia. They place Norwegians with immigrant background in front of them, claiming that they are damaged by the work of Resett. They claim the right to speak on behalf of minority individuals, thereby attempting at depriving minority persons their autonomy, their individuality, and their right to make up their own minds. The fact that several Norwegians with immigrant background in fact support a restrictive immigration policy and criticism of Islam, seemingly has not stricken them.


Furthermore, it is comic to witness how they wear themselves out trying to convince the world that we on the conservative right wing are the ones representing some kind of establishment, a social elite. They are probably having a hard time realising that the warped values in which they believe are solidly represented in the political and the media establishment. Conservatism is today’s anti culture; the fact that a few rich people are supporting the rebels does not alter that. This pierces the eyes of the radicals.

Their absurd claims of racism, psychological illnesses, and irrational fears they are allowed to vomit in the press, without anyone posing critical questions and without anyone being asked to give any reasons or definition. The mainstream media never do their job in this area. I would like to hear Pia Maria Roll’s or Hanan Benammar’s definition of racism and so-called islamophobia and I believe there are several others being interested as well. Why does not for instance the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet ask for such definitions?

Furthermore, this Roll has also claimed knowledge of whether or not the named immigrati0on critics receive threats. With sweeping words she has only dismissed that any of the named «racists» in any way might endure such things. It is her actors we should pity. The truth is that it is risky to criticise the radical immigration policy. An extremely noisy and aggressive minority quickly make you the object of their hatred, no matter how matter-of-factly and precise you are.


Even more risky it is to criticise Islam. Critics of Islam consistently live fearing for their own lives because some practising a single religion are over-sensitive and take criticism of their religion so personally that they are willing to threaten, beat, and kill to silence these critics. That is why Hege Storhaug is living in a secret address. The lady has never uttered a single racist ord. She is a keen critic of religion; for which she should have had all the support of the feminists and the other culture radicals, who traditionally have been our foremost critics of religion. It is, however, not so convenient to be a critic of religion any more, as the obscurants of today are just dark men who even hit back; and hard.

Feminists in the West consistently choose to pick the fruits hanging low down. Why criticise Moslem polygyny, gender apartheid, or half inheritance to women when one can criticise a fictive discrimination of wages and man spreading?

Far too many critics of Islam have lost their lives or live facing constant threats. This definitely does not become any better as left wing radicals expose individuals that are already vulnerable individuals on big screens in a theatre cramped with people, spreading the delusion that what these critics are fronting, is racism and evil, along with claims of conspirational invocations. On the contrary, it contributes to legitimate possible violence and threats befalling us. It is a little easier to harm other people when you believe them to be the incarnated devil.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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