The leader of the Norwegian Trade Union, Hans-Christian Gabrielsen, presentented the boycott decision of the Trade Union Congress during the ITUC conference in Copenhagen. Photo, Ørn Borgen / NTB scanpix

The leader of the Norwegian Trade Union, Hans-Christian Gabrielsen, asked 1.200 trade union leaders to support a demand for boycotting Israel.

According to the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, the initiative was made during the annual Conference of the ITUC, the world’s largest organisation of trade unions.

– Neither dialogue nor resolutions have had any effect; consequently, the Trade Union Congress in2017 concluded that we must move towrds an international, financial, cultural and academic boycott of Israel, Gabrielsen told the participating trade union leaders at the conference in Copenhagen last Tuesday.


The demand received a modest support, however, and it seems like it will not pass when it is brought for voting on Friday.

The background for the decision of the Trade Union Congress last year to boycott Israel, is the country’s alleged occupation of the so-called «Palestinian West bank» and the blockade of the Gaza strip. The Trade Union in Norway ad long co-operated with the Palestinian Trade Union.



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Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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