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Nigel Farage is not exactly my hero; today, however, I have been watching an interview with Farage which I must share.

Nigel Farage



The UN Migration Compact, which seeks to criminalise all criticism of mass migration and completely change the definition of a refugee, will be signed by many world leaders next week without ever consulting their citizens.


1:31 PM – Dec 4, 2018


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I find what is about to happen to the proposition regarding the implementation of the fresh United Nations treaty to be an extremely devastating attack against the very basis for our democracy; an extremely devastating attack on FREEDOM and FREEDOM OF SPEECH in the free world. I regard it a dangerous continuation of the so-called «responsibility of speech» that Jonas Gahr Støre and the Arbeiderpartiet (the Norwegian Labour Party) attempted at introducing in the wake of the turmoil concerning the caricature drawings more than ten years ago.

My father, Øistein E. Guderud, was 16 years old when he, risking his own life, as well as the lives of his friends, bravely initiated the Norwegian underground resistance group, Milorg, in Bærum. Young boys agreed to fight forces wanting to reduce FREEDOM and FREEDOM OF SPEECH for all Europeans.

On page 12 in a book about «Øistein: Gutten som lurte Gestapo» («the boy who fooled the Gestapo»), written by Harald Utter, one may read how Øistein with his father, Erling, and his good friend, Arnulf Øverland, at an early stage grasped that Europe was developing in a completely wrong direction. Today, we are on the verge of witnessing that this may once again develop into happening anew. Arnulf Øverland warned at an early stage, «You must not sleep …»

Europe is on fire!


Take a look at what is now taking place in Europe! Sweden and France are already on fire: Europe is on fire!

France is NOT on fire because of a toll on fuel amounting to just 0.08 NKR! I find the uproar in Frame to be an expression of a deeply felt frustration with ordinary people; a deeply felt frustration of ordinary people feeling they are NOT being heard. It is a deeply felt frustration of ordinary people feeling that the political «elite» for a long time has made decisions lacking a real foundation in the people. It is a deeply felt frustration of ordinary people experiencing that a fresh United Nations treaty and several other important decisions have been and may be implemented without any acceptance from the people, and without regard of the consequences it will impose on free peoples and nations.

A real reduction of FREEDOM and FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a tool used by «the elite» to enforce the content of the fresh United Nations treaty. The elite aim at implementing several limitations of RIGHT OF USE and FREEDOM OF SPEECH for free people and free nations throughout Europe; these are basic values for which many bravely have been willing to sacrifice their lives.

Stop before it is too late! Say loudly and clearly, NO! To the extremely unjust United Nations treaty! I am no great fan of Clinton; however, I have since long grasped the looming danger which now Hillary Clinton too addresses in an interview with The Guardian, saying,

«Europe must achieve control with immigration, which is what ignited the flame of the growing right wing populism in that continent.»

I admonish Prime Minister Erna Solberg, as well as the other European Prime Ministers, to say NO to this extremely devastating United Nations treaty!

This United Nations treaty and the way in which it has been established, is an extremely severe threat to FREEDOM and PEACE in Europe. I would claim that in the long run, it might also lead to the collapse of the United Nations.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem


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