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According to the Irish Post, the Pakistani man who brutally stabbed an Irish lecturer to death outside a French university states that he «insulted» the prophet Mohammad.

The English teacher, John Dowling (66), was stabbed 13 times outside the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci in northwestern Paris as he left for lunch last Wednesday.

Ali R., the 37-year-old former student who was arrested for the murder, has admitted that he had something personal against the teacher after not passing the exam last year.


Ali arrived in France two years ago to attend the school; however, he did not pass his first year. Camera recordings show John Dowling talking calmly to Ali outside the school before Ali grabs a knife and stabs him in his neck and chest.

To the French police, Ali states that the lecturer had mocked Islam during the lectures at the university. This allegation is regarded to be dubious, however, as nobody else in the class remembers any such mockery, according to the Irish Post.

«We have no eviodence of radicalisation; rather, we have a feeling that we are dealing with someone who is extremely religious, extremely pious, extremely practising,» a police representative says.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem


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