Oslo ranks at the top among the Nordic capitals concerning rapes. So far this year, there has been a severe increase in assault rapes in Oslo; several of them occurring by the river Akerselva and in the parks of the city. Photo, Heiko Junge / Scanpix

The Crown Princess of Norway, as well as Anniken Huitfeldt, and several others, cry openly onscreen on behalf of young women who are raped, molested, and sold in Congo and Iraq. These same people turn their back on tens of thousands of young women being raped by gangs, tortured and sold in the very backyard of Europe, while at the same time they regard anyone speaking up for these victims  to be right wing extremists, racists, and Nazis.

An inconceivable short circuit

Are all those sitting dressed up at the Nobel Peace Prize Award event completely ignorant of the barbaric gang rapes and the sexual slavery taking place right there under their noses? Have they not heard of Tommy Robinson and the masses marching in the streets of England in support of the victims of gang rapes and torture in that country? In the Netherlands? In Germany? The gang rapes in Norway? The fact that Sweden suddenly has become the rape capital of the Western world? Why do they consistently turn their backs on some victims, while crying bucketful for others?


Nadia and Denis will return home disappointed

According to the NTB, their main message was crystal clear in their speeches at the Nobel Peace Prize Award event, «Enough sympathy. The world must now act!» I certainly do not hope that you are as naive as to think that actions will be taken. Politicians and leftists are not focused on taking action, They are overly pleased with bathing in their own alleged goodness and touched to tears. No one of them is willing to go any further than that.

«Rusken» must get out in the dusk and clean up the burned-out torches that the good people have thrown away after you waved at them from the balcony of Grand hotel. (By the way, I watched you feeling so uncomfortable facing the crocodile masses.) They themselves will be present at the lunch pause tomorrow and talk lengthily about the touching mood during the torch march; none of them will, however, mention a single victim of gang rape in Iraq, Congo, Sweden, England, Norway, or the Netherlands wit h a single word.

My advice for you, Nadia and Denis


Take your five million Nkr each. Return home and use them to help as many gang raped, molested young women as possible and shake off the crocodile tears that all the politicians in the world and the torchbearers offered you during your stay in Oslo, the world’s capital for peace, humanism, and goodness. The sooner you grasp that any hope you might have had to wake up the world to action is illusory, the more successful your work will be at home with those who really suffer from the evil of the sexual violence.


The reason why all of us who try to speak up about the thousands of victims of sexual violence in the so far peaceful Western Europe are not being heard, and why even you, having been awarded with Nobel Peace Prize, can prompt the world to move from sympathy to action regarding victims of rape in your parts of the world, I am incapable of providing any reasonable answer to. It is as far away from my ability to grasp as it probably is from yours. All I can say, is that we are in the very same boat, trying to call out about an unparalleled barbary and that the Nobel Peace Prize will not make any difference for those women of the world, young and old, who are victims of sexual violence, whether in Congo, Iraq, Norway, England, o Sweden. Declared war or not.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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