Anti demonstration against a demonstration against the United Nations' Migration treaty at Eidsvolds plass outside the Stortinget in Oslo. Now, the Mayor of Brussels bans all demonstrations against the treaty. Photo, Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

According to the Belgian newspaper, HLN, the Mayor of Brussels and the President Minister of the region have banned a big mass demonstration in the city against the United Nations’ Migration treaty, – We cannot allow a «brown march» in Brussels, the Mayor, Phillippe Close, and the President Minister, Rudi Vervoort, states.


The march was planned to take place on Sunday and is supported by a range of patriotic groups and the nationalist party, Vlaams Belang. 45.000 persons have stated their support of the march on the social medias; consequently, the demonstration could have been a really big one.

And that is probably the reason why the march is banned. In Brussels, the authorities fears spreading to other parts of the city, HLN writes. In a live opinion poll by the newspaper, over 59.000 votes were given by 10 o’clock yesterday. 82 per cent of those were against the ban, while 12 per cent supported it.

– We thought the ban occurred because of the terror attack in Strasbourg and regarding the demonstrants. Now it appears rather to concern the right to get together and about the right of free speech. This makes me think of totalitarian regimes, one of the arrangers, Filip Brusselmans, says.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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