Håvard Pedersen. Photo, private.

NRK has published a feature concerning the applicant for asylum who killed 18-year-old Håvard Pedersen in Vadsø earlier this year. They refuse, however, to publish it on Facebook where licence payers may comment.

Why do they not give Norwegians a chance to comment on this feature? Is it because they fear the voice of the people?

It is also of great interest to know who has instructed the editor of NRK’s Facebook page to avoid the publishing of issues regarding immigrants killing Norwegians on social media.


Is it the television leader and former Sosialistisk Venstreparti (the Norwegian political party The Socialist Left) politician, Thor Gjermund Eriksen, who instruct thus?

It is extremely strange, though that this murder case is being silenced, while all the issues concerning the murder of Janne Jemtland are published on the Facebook page of NRK.

The issues concerning the murder of Janne Jemtland are not removed from on the Facebook page of NRK. Is this due to the fact that the murderer is an ethnic Norwegian?

What is it that makes the applicant for asylum escapes the comments field, as opposed to Svein Jemtland, who gets his face and his full name exposed on the Facebook page of NRK for comments? Is this due to the fact that he is an ethnic Norwegian?

Asylum murderer free in a couple of years?


The feature that the NRK refuses to publish on Facebook for comments is about 18-year-old Håvard, who was brutally stabbed to death with a knife while working in a store in Vadsø.

The feature concerns the trial in which the killer, allegedly a Pakistani, is accused of murder.

«The trial closes on Wednesday. Experts have already confirmed the killer to be paranoid schizophrenic. The defence will not oppose the killer being sentenced to compulsory psychiatric health treatment,» the NRK writes.

I think that «the people» has quite a few things to say on this issue.

Translated to English by Lars Hoem

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