A speaker casts a shadow on the ground as he addresses a crowd at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London, Britain May 3, 2015. At Speakers' Corner in the northeast corner of Hyde Park in London, near the bustle of Oxford Street, anyone has the right to turn up every Sunday and talk about whatever is dear to their heart. Some call it the home of free speech: previous orators included famous figures Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and George Orwell. Today the atmosphere is hectic and unpredictable, with people from all backgrounds perching on boxes or stepladders to declaim on subjects from philosophy to religion, monsters or potatoes. Hecklers interrupt, adding to the chaotic feel of a place that draws visitors from far and wide. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY PICTURE 14 OF 25 FOR WIDER IMAGE STORY "SPEAKERS' CORNER - HOME OF FREE SPEECH" SEARCH "WERMUTH CORNER" FOR ALL IMAGES TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


når religion ikke kan være tema, blir folk rett og slett nødt til å finne noe annet å snakke om.
Folk blir nødt til å komme opp med noe annet.
Bidra med noe interessant.

Ikke at man tilhører en religion.


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